grapes with seeds can go to hell

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All Time Low - Oh, Calamity!

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Harry Potter Meme: ♕ Seven Relationships

4/7 James Potter & Lily Evans

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"In real life Stiles is played by Dylan O’Brien. Uhh, we’re best friends. We lived together shooting both the seasons, and we’re basically the same guy in two different bodies. ‘Cause the same guy in the same body would be weird. But yeah, Scott and Stiles have an awesome, very real, loyal, fun, funny, cute relationship. They’re best friends and we try to keep it as real as possible.

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Death doesn’t happen to you, Lydia. It happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now without you in it?

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Earth Day + Tumblr + Hank Green + PS + Me

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Friendly Reminder: Dylan and Tyler even laugh the same wayimage

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when your friends are exchanging secrets right in front of you



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